VEC: the Pinnacle of Enterprise-Level Cloud Communications

Verge Enterprise Cloud (VEC) sets a new standard for secure, reliable cloud telephony. Designed for discerning customers seeking unparalleled service, VEC provides a unique dedicated deployment of Mitel MiVoice Business (MiVB) within a private cloud environment, expertly managed and maintained by Verge. This exclusive setup ensures no resource sharing between clients, positioning VEC as the apex of private cloud communication solutions. It merges the scalability and flexibility of cloud solutions with the security and exclusivity of a dedicated installation.

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Verge Dedicated Private Cloud

A Complete Communication Solution

VEC not only delivers all the functionalities expected from a modern cloud unified communication platform but also enhances them with superior security, reliability, and a comprehensive suite of communication services:

  • Comprehensive Communication Suite: Includes a Main Listed Telephone number, Direct Dial numbers for each user, and unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling.
  • Unified Communications: each user has access to robust unified communication capabilities through the MiCollab application suite.
  • Emergency Services: Local 911 Service integrated for immediate response.
  • Collaboration Tools: Audio/Web/Video Conference Bridge and ad-hoc call recording for seamless teamwork.
  • Exceptional Support: Verge Platinum Support and Maintenance cover everything from onsite repairs to equipment replacement.
  • Seamless Installation: Turnkey onsite installation and deployment for a smooth transition.

Enhanced Security and Customization

Verge's Enterprise Cloud (VEC) represents a paradigm shift in cloud telephony, setting a new standard for security and reliability. Our approach is grounded in key design decisions that differentiate VEC from traditional cloud telephony offerings:

  • Exclusive PBX Deployment: VEC assigns a dedicated PBX infrastructure to each customer, ensuring an unparalleled level of privacy and security. This model eliminates the risks associated with resource sharing and potential security vulnerabilities common in multi-tenant environments, providing each business with its own secure, virtualized space.
  • Proprietary Communication Protocol: By exclusively supporting Mitel devices, VEC takes advantage of the proprietary Minet protocol, offering superior security over the standard open SIP protocol. This choice not only fortifies the communication channel between devices and the cloud infrastructure but also results in a seamless and more integrated user experience. The Minet protocol's enhanced encryption and authentication mechanisms ensure that your communications are safeguarded against eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
  • Tailored Feature Set: The dedicated nature of each VEC deployment allows for the customization of features to precisely match customer needs. This bespoke approach not only secures the system against irrelevant threats by disabling unnecessary features but also optimizes costs by eschewing superfluous functionalities. The result is a lean, purpose-built system that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements.

This meticulous attention to security, combined with the capability for deep customization, makes VEC the ideal choice for mission-critical sectors like banking and healthcare, as well as any business demanding the highest levels of telephony security and reliability. With VEC, clients receive a secure, private communication environment tailored to meet the most stringent industry standards and bespoke needs, ensuring peace of mind and a competitive edge in secure communications.

Comprehensive Communication Suite

Verge's Enterprise Cloud (VEC) harnesses the full potential of Mitel MiVoice Business to offer an expansive suite of communication features, meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Our service transcends the conventional, blending advanced telephony capabilities with the flexibility of a monthly service plan, simplifying access to a sophisticated business phone system without the complexity of traditional setups.

User-Centric Features for Enhanced Connectivity and Collaboration:

  • Personalized Communication Tools: Every user benefits from a Direct Dial Telephone Number and dedicated eFax services, ensuring straightforward and effective communication channels that cater to individual and organizational needs.
  • Unified Communications with MiCollab: The MiCollab application suite is at the heart of our unified communications, offering a comprehensive array of tools designed to elevate the way your business connects and collaborates:
  • Call Management: Empower your workforce with the ability to redirect calls to mobile devices, ensuring they remain reachable regardless of their location.
  • Call History Logs: Maintain comprehensive records of missed, answered, and dialed calls, offering valuable insights into communication patterns.
  • Instant Messaging: Facilitate swift, internal communication with secure instant messaging, enabling quick resolution of queries and discussions.
  • Presence Indicators: Utilize real-time presence and availability status to optimize collaboration, making it easier to know when colleagues are available for communication.
  • Efficient Conference Management: Organize and manage meetings effortlessly with integrated conference management tools, supporting audio, web, and video conferencing.
  • Seamless Scheduling Integration: Integrate with Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendars, and Microsoft Teams for streamlined scheduling and collaboration within familiar productivity tools.
  • Voicemail to Email: Enhance accessibility with voicemail services that deliver messages straight to your email, allowing for prompt response to missed calls.
  • SoftPhone Applications: Stay connected with mobile and desktop SoftPhone applications for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, offering the flexibility to communicate on your preferred devices.
  • Hotdesking Capabilities: Support mobile and flexible working arrangements with hotdesking, enabling employees to use any designated workspace on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Enhanced Privacy Features: Ensure privacy and reduce unwanted calls with telephone number blacklisting and dedicated fax numbers with email delivery.

VEC's integration of these features into a single, cohesive platform embodies our commitment to delivering not just a telephony solution but a comprehensive communication ecosystem. This ecosystem supports your business's unique workflows, promotes enhanced collaboration, and drives efficiency, all while maintaining a focus on security and user satisfaction. With VEC, you gain access to an unparalleled suite of tools that propel your business communication into the future, tailored precisely to your operational needs and strategic goals.

Unrivaled Support and Value

Verge's Enteprise Cloud (VEC) platform, with its impressive 8-year tenure, has consistently demonstrated its capability to meet the rigorous demands of diverse industries, including banking, healthcare, and more. Opting for VEC transcends the acquisition of a mere phone system; it signifies embracing a comprehensive, fully managed business communication solution that boasts an exceptional total cost of ownership.

Comprehensive Support - The Verge Advantage:

Central to the decision-making process for communication solutions is the level and quality of ongoing support and service. Verge sets itself apart by integrating our premier Platinum Support and Maintenance program into the VEC offering, incorporated directly into your monthly service fee without necessitating additional purchases for support.

While standard cloud solutions might limit support to remote assistance within business hours, potentially dividing coverage between labor and materials or offering mere next-day hardware replacements, Verge adopts a more holistic and responsive approach to customer service:

  • Immediate On-Site Support: Verge pledges real-time, on-demand delivery of technicians equipped with backup parts, accessible 24/7. We understand the critical nature of communication systems; when they falter, your business faces potential standstill.
  • Platinum Support Coverage: Every VEC deployment is safeguarded by our comprehensive support plan

Verge Platinum Support Coverage includes:

  • Prompt on-site repair, maintenance, or replacement of telephone handsets.
  • Priority dispatch and service response, available around the clock.
  • Proactive management of network/telecommunications services, encompassing contract negotiations, service orders/changes, and implementation.
  • Diligent oversight of recurring billing and resolution of overcharges.
  • Coordination of network service repairs.
  • Remote programming adjustments, traffic analyses, and diagnostics.
  • Immediate remote user support as needed.
  • Expert network engineering support and management services.
  • Guaranteed backup support parts and labor.
  • Routine updates to system software and technology, ensuring your system remains cutting-edge.
  • Preferred rates for onsite modifications, augmentations, or alterations.

Choosing VEC means securing more than a leading-edge cloud solution; it means attaining peace of mind. Our unwavering commitment to "Full Support Service" ensures that your business communication infrastructure operates flawlessly, underpinning your success with unparalleled reliability and care. With Verge, your communication solutions are in expert hands, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Enhanced Call Center Capabilities

VEC can be augmented for call center operations with Mitel MiContact Center (MiCC), transforming traditional voice-only call centers into omnichannel customer experience centers. For businesses requiring comprehensive recording solutions, Mitel Interaction Recording (MIR) offers robust capabilities beyond ad-hoc recording, supporting compliance, security, or training needs. Through VEC, Verge provides a secure, reliable, and comprehensive communication solution tailored for businesses aiming for excellence in customer engagement and internal collaboration.


Here's what others have to say

It’s rare these days for a company to truly deliver on the promises that were made, but Verge Network Solutions has done just that. They also reviewed all of our existing phone bills to see what services we were paying for that we no longer needed. This was done prior to our even signing a contract, which is uncommon in this day. All I ever do is email the support group and they are quick to respond to whatever the issue/request is.They have become a critical business partner to our bank.

First State Bank – DeQueen

As our bank grew, it became obvious we were going to need better communications with customers and our branches. Verge Network Solutions provided that piece of the puzzle. From the first meeting through installation, training, and follow up, the service from Verge has been excellent.

Security State Bank

Verge Network Solutions has long been a trusted and essential partner of Security Bank and Trust Company. When I consider our relationship with Verge, two things immediately come to mind. The people and their reliability. Verge has taken all of the guesswork out of our communications systems. You can be confident knowing that you have a secure, reliable, cost-effective and well-supported system. We are grateful for the time and effort that Verge has committed to helping us improve customer service and communications. Partnering with Verge has allowed us to focus on being community bankers, while still offering the services and reliability of larger institutions.

Security Bank & Trust Company - Miami

All of our needs have been met without any exceptions.

People’s National Bank – Checotah

Verge Network Solutions has consistently demonstrated an elevated level of professionalism and commitment to excellence. One of the aspects that truly sets Verge apart is their customer-centric approach. They have gone above and beyond to understand our specific needs and have tailored their services accordingly. Their support has not only met but exceeded our expectations, ensuring that any issues were resolved promptly and effectively.

Climate Control Group

At the beginning of the project, your preliminary review of our telephone bill and the cost savings associated with your recommended changes was amazing.

First National Bank – McAlester

By taking the time to compile a needs assessment analysis, the Verge team was able to propose a system designed to satisfy our needs and even recommend a few cost savings opportunities.

First National Bank & Trust - Elk City

First National Bank of Oklahoma is pleased to recommend the services of Verge Network Solutions to you. We converted approximately 9 months ago and have been satisfied with the installation and support. I rarely give references, but this one was easy to support.

First National Bank - Oklahoma City

Verge and its passion for its customers like us, has proven to be a key element of our own successful growth, and we expect this long-standing partnership will continue for many years to come.


Your staff did an excellent job preparing and installing the telephone conversion. The personal visits and telephone attention you gave us were well received.

First State Bank – Anadarko

Your advisors and technicians were great to work with during the installation  phase and the ongoing technical support has been outstanding.  We appreciate the prompt responses from  your team and look forward to a long relationship in the future.

First National Bank - Ardmore

As you will recall, we weren’t even looking for a new telephone system when I visited your booth at the Oklahoma Banker’s Association Convention. After visiting with you and realizing the benefits that we would receive from your system versus our existing system, we felt that we had no choice but to install the Iwatsu product.

Vision Bank – Ada

The system has made our bank much more efficient. Being able to transfer calls between our branches has made life much simpler and easier for our customers.

Sooner State Bank

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend the services of Verge network solutions.  In our recent collaboration, Verge has demonstrated exceptional expertise, reliability, and professionalism in delivering top-notch telecommunications solutions tailored to our specific needs. Verge Telecommunications has proven to be a valuable partner to our organization. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach have left a lasting impression on our team.

Envista Credit Union

There are many things we can recommend about Verge. In addition to their excellent customer service, quick responsiveness, and state-of-the-art technology, we really appreciate the fact they focus their attention on community banks. They understand our model and that, in addition to their quality staff, is what really sets them apart from the competition. You will not regret doing business with Verge Network Solutions.

Anchor D Bank

Their response time is outstanding, and they have been able to solve our problems in a very timely manner.  In addition they did an excellent job of onsite training at every location. This, more than anything, made the changeover almost painless.

American Nation Bank

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for the great job they did in implementing our new phone system. The entire process was done in a professional and friendly manner, and  the transition to the new system was as smooth and easy as one could of hoped. The service we continue to get from you is exceptional.

Pelco Products

I can say, without reservation, if given the opportunity we would again select Verge for our telephone communication equipment needs.

Payne County Bank

Three years ago and after a thorough analysis of several different providers of hardware and software we chose VNS to assist in the implementation of a Mitel phone system and video conferencing throughout our branch network. Since that time, Verge has been an  instrumental vendor in the management of various projects including  purchasing other financial institutions and formation of a formal Virtual  Branch to name a few. They have been willing to professionally consult and guide our efforts following  our initial decision several years ago and certainly provides testament to their continued focus on the customer (Union State Bank) following the sale.

Union State Bank, Arkansas City

You’ve found it! Are you tired and frustrated of your old phone service? Looking for something new but struggling to trust another vendor? You can rest easy, knowing you’ve found a great company for your communication needs. If you  are considering using Verge you may do so with full confidence that you are picking the right company. They offer great products and customer service. Rarely have I worked with a company that goes so far out of their way to ensure their customers are taken care of.

American National Bank - Mt Pleasant

Glen told me that Verge would be the best company that I have ever dealt with and I was skeptical. I’ve been sold on many things by sales people that end up not being true. However, this time it was true, you all are the best at what your do.

Wellington State Bank

The thing I appreciate the most in working with Verge Network Solutions is the  time they invested in working with our bank before we ever became a customer.  For several years their team interacted with us, took the time to learn about our company, eventually assisted us in acquiring some network infrastructure, all the while reminding us of the products they had to offer... The proposal was very detailed, customized for our company and was affordable. The transition and installation was well planned and we experienced very little disruption in the conversion.

Centera Bank

Verge Telecommunications has proven to be a valuable partner to our organization.  Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach have left a lasting impression on our team. Although we were a little surprised by the cost initially, we are now very pleased we made the change to Verge. I have never experienced support at this level from any other Telecommunication Solutions company.

Security Bank, Tulsa

Your staff was able to make things work the way we wanted it to without compromise.

Welch State Bank

The Verge team personally visited each one of our fourteen locations in order to put together a customized communication plan for our bank, and provided a very detailed proposal as to how this new system would pay for itself within a few years. We also looked at proposals from other providers, but none of them even came close to matching the Verge team’s seamless and professional solution.

GN Bank

We  recently purchased or maybe I should say partnered with Verge Network Solutions for a new telephone system, I say partnered because I do feel that is it a partnership with the understanding of our needs as a community  bank that they bring to the table.

Liberty National Bank, Paris

The system is already providing us with significant enhancements in our productivity, and we are enjoying reduced monthly expenditures thanks to the efforts of Verge and the savings they have negotiated with our service providers.

The Bankers Bank

I am a firm believer in the idiom “too good to be true”, because in my 32 years in the banking business it has proven itself over and over again. Except once. The one time that “too good” was indeed “true” was when Verge Network Solutions came to our board and presented the Telecommunications Audit Report and Recommendations for our 3 bank charter. Verge Network Solutions is the real deal.

Bank of Commerce - Chanute

Verge's approach to customer service sets them apart from others in the industry. They have a unique ability to analyze and optimize our systems, identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. Their attention to detail and proactive communication have saved us considerable time and resources, allowing us to focus on our core business. In addition to their technical expertise, Verge's hosted phone system has proven to be reliable and user-friendly. The call quality is excellent, and the system offers a wide range of features that have enhanced our operations.

Old Glory Bank

As a manufacturing business, reliable communication systems are the backbone of our operations, and Verge Network Solutions has consistently exceeded our expectations in both service and support. Throughout our collaboration, the team at Verge Network Solutions has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to customer service. Their responsiveness, technical expertise, and ability to anticipate and address our needs have been instrumental in maintaining our operations without interruption. The support provided by their team has been exemplary, ensuring any issues are resolved promptly and effectively, minimizing any potential impact on our business. Verge Network Solutions has been an invaluable partner to our business. Their dedication to delivering high-quality telecommunication solutions and outstanding customer service has played a significant role in our operational success.

Tulsa Tube Bending

One of the things that sets Verge apart from other companies in the industry is their approach to analyzing phone bills not only to assist with the project but also to find ways to save money through identifying opportunities to switch providers and identifying inaccurate billing. I would highly recommend Verge Network Solutions to anyone for a high-quality,  reliable and cost-effective hosted phone system.

Central National Bank, Junction City

We prolonged switching from a landline to a voice over IP phone system since it worked. We contacted Verge once we decided to purchase a new phone system. Mike and the staff were attentive to our needs and answered any questions that we had. Verge did most of the programming off-site making the actual switch a breeze. They trained our employees, and we were off and running.

Verge's service after the sale has also been impeccable. They have quickly and diligently answered any questions and troubleshoot any problems.

Bank of Beaver City
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