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Jun 25, 2024

Verge Network Solutions Introduces Verge Business Cloud

Verge Network Solutions, a leading provider of innovative communication solutions, proudly announces the launch of Verge Business Cloud (VBC), a cutting-edge, VoIP solution designed to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). VBC offers a secure, feature-rich cloud-based telephony solution aimed at simplifying business communication management and allowing businesses to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

Verge Business Cloud is designed with SMBs in mind, offering an unparalleled combination of security, scalability, and cost-efficiency. The solution leverages the power of the cloud to provide businesses with advanced telephony features that were once only accessible to large enterprises. Key features of VBC include:

  • Seamless Communications: Take advantage of the latest in Unified Communication (UCaaS) functionality with unlimited local and long-distance calling, SMS capability, mobile integration, conference bridge, and more through VBC’s extensive platform and softphone applications.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your telephony system as your business grows without the need for significant capital investment.
  • Advanced Security: Protect your communications with enterprise-grade security features, ensuring that your business operations remain confidential and secure.
  • Reliability: Enjoy uninterrupted communication with VBC's robust infrastructure, backed by Verge’s industry-leading installation, maintenance, and support services.
  • Flexibility: Tailor the system to meet your specific business needs with customizable features and integrations with key business applications, such as CRM and collaboration tools.
  • Compatibility: With the flexibility to purchase, rent, or bring existing phone devices into the communication environment, VBC supports a wide range of IP phone handsets, allowing businesses to retain their technology investments.
  • Cost Efficiency: Benefit from a predictable, subscription-based pricing model that eliminates the high costs associated with traditional telephony systems.

"We are thrilled to introduce Verge Business Cloud to the market," said Shayan Zadeh, President of Verge Network Solutions. "Our goal has always been to empower SMBs with the same high-quality communication solutions that larger enterprises enjoy. VBC is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their communication infrastructure."

Verge Business Cloud is well-suited for businesses in many sectors including:

  • Banks and Credit Unions: Provide secure communications and superior customer service with advanced call handling and routing capabilities.
  • Medical and Dental Offices: Streamline patient communications and improve operational efficiency.
  • Legal Offices: Maintain confidential client communications with advanced security features.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Companies: Enhance coordination and communication across multiple sites.
  • Education and Small Government Agencies: Improve public service delivery with a reliable and scalable telephony system.

Verge Business Cloud stands out in the market by combining the latest in cloud technology with user-friendly features that are easy to deploy and manage. The solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing business processes, providing a smooth transition from traditional systems to a modern, cloud-based telephony solution.

Learn more about the Verge Business Cloud.

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