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Jun 16, 2023

Discover the Future of Business Communication with the 6900W Series IP Phones

The business landscape is continuously evolving, and with this change comes the need for technology that can keep pace. Introducing the 6900W series IP phones from Mitel, a groundbreaking innovation that is set to revolutionize the way businesses communicate.

Revolutionize Your Collaboration Experience

The 6900W series IP phones are not just tools for communication; they're a complete collaboration solution. These phones are designed to bridge the gap between conventional phone calls and PC-based collaboration, offering a seamless integration of both modes of communication.

The unique PCLink feature, available in the 6920w, 6930w, and 6940w models, allows users to connect their IP phone to their PC via Bluetooth. This enables the phone to be used as an audio device for PC collaboration, effectively combining the functionality of a traditional phone with the versatility of a PC.

The PCLink feature doesn't require any additional software or complex setup. It's compatible with all popular collaboration solutions, including Mitel MiTeam Meetings, Zoom, and MS Teams.

Seamless Connectivity Options

The 6900W series IP phones offer flexible connectivity options to suit various working environments. They feature both wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi, making them suitable for both home and office use.

These phones are designed to provide an exceptional HD audio experience. They support high-quality, full-duplex speakerphone and Mitel’s H-Series USB and EHS/DHSG headsets. Plus, their Wi-Fi capabilities simplify installation, eliminating the need for Ethernet cables.

The 6900W IP Series: Advanced Features for Modern Businesses

The 6900W series is more than just a set of IP phones. It's a powerful suite of communication devices packed with advanced features and a wide range of accessories to boost productivity and mobility in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Introducing the 6920W IP Phone

The 6920W is a premium IP phone designed for power users. It offers a modern design and flexible features for a top-notch communication experience.

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The 6920w boasts a 3.5-inch QVGA color display and six programmable feature keys with paging and four context-sensitive menu keys. It supports both PCLink and MobileLink, and offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. It also features a powered USB accessories port for added convenience.

The 6930W IP Phone: Tailored for Your Needs

The 6930W IP phone is designed for power users who need a device that can be customized to their specific communication requirements.

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This model features a larger 4.3-inch color display and 12 programmable feature keys with paging and five context-sensitive menu keys. Like the 6920w, it supports PCLink and MobileLink and offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. It also comes with a powered USB accessories port.

The 6940W IP Phone: Meeting the Demands of Executive Users

The 6940W IP phone is designed with the executive user in mind. It offers an exceptional device that can meet the most demanding communication needs.

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This model features a 7-inch touchscreen LCD and a rich, touch-based graphical user interface. It supports PCLink and MobileLink, offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, and comes with a cordless handset and a powered USB accessories port.

In Conclusion

The 6900W series IP phones from Mitel are more than just phones. They're comprehensive communication solutions designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic businesses. With their powerful features and flexible connectivity options, these devices are set to redefine the way businesses communicate and collaborate.

Contact Verge Network Solutions to start using these powerful and feature-rich 6900W series IP phones today and revolutionize the way you communicate and collaborate in your business.

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