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Who is Verge?      Learn About Verge

We are an Associate Member of the OBA and the CBAO, and we specialize in serving the needs of the Community Banks throughout the State of Oklahoma.

We are an organization of telecommunications professionals led by a management team with over (80) years of combined experience serving all of Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.  We engineer, design, install and maintain communications solutions for multi-site businesses that desire and need the level of  experience and knowledge provided exclusively by our team.  We represent leading world class manufactures providing the latest state-of-the-art products and applications.  Only Verge delivers an unparalleled level of written customer commitments, we call our Commitment to Excellence”.

Before we begin any new customer relationship we conduct an extensive audit of their telecommunications environment and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations focused on reducing costs while simultaneously helping our customer, better serve their customers!

Who uses Verge?     See some of our Customers

Leading Banks, Law Firms, Manufacturers, Accounting Firms, Automobile Dealerships, and many other successful organizations, in fact, any company that is searching for a partner that is committed to delivering the highest level of service and support!  If you talk to our customers, you will find out first hand about our Passion and Commitment!


The Bankers Bank endorses Verge Network Solutions!

Why Verge Network Solutions?


The answer is simple…..

  •   Our Experience;

  •   Our People;

  •   Our Products;

  •   Our Passion and Commitment;

  •   Our References!


Only Verge provides written guarantees for;

  •   (90) Day Money Back Guarantee;

  •   Service Response Guarantee;

  •   Free Remote Programming;

  •   Software Upgrades;

  •   Ongoing Training and Consultation!

The Telecommunications Audit.....  

While many organizations have an excellent understanding of their network services and associated costs, and manage these expenses closely, we find this to be more the exception than the rule.  In fact, we are often told by a prospective client  that they “watch this very closely…..” or “you won’t find anything…..”, only to discover significant cost savings and unknown charges.  In one recent case where the customer told us just that, we discovered a billing error and were able to obtain a refund from the Phone Company in excess of $28,000!   While your situation is unique, the one aspect that remains constant is that the telecommunications industry is a complex world and you just might be surprised by the results of our experienced team’s review of your services.

Customized Audit Report


We have even been known to get our customers a refund as a result of the audit findings!


Our Engagement Process…..


Our engagement process involves a few simple steps as we work together over a period of a few weeks and perform the following:

  1. Initial fact finding meeting to discuss and understand more about your business and objectives, including locations, employees, expansion plans, and existing telecommunications infrastructure;

  2. Collect copies of various telecom and data network services billings;

  3. Execute Confidentiality Agreement;

  4. Obtain Letters of Authorization to obtain and audit the detailed Phone Company billing records and monthly expenses;

  5. Review your business requirements for Voice and Data Services;

  6. Due diligence meetings to learn about your organizations challenges and desired goals and objectives;

  7. Conduct an on-site technical audit of equipment and services;

  8. At your request, negotiate better network service options with service providers;

  9. Present an Audit Report with our associated findings and  recommendations, which will include improving services, reducing costs, and helping you better serve your customers and employees;

  10. Jointly determine which, if any of the recommendations require additional consideration, new contracts, including phone system upgrades and/or replacements;

  11. Engineer, design, and implement a new telecommunications system(s) as required to meet your objectives.

So Who are we; and What are some of our Solutions?   

We are an Oklahoma based company that operates throughout the State of Oklahoma and Arkansas, serving mid-sized businesses with the latest in telecommunications technology solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP)!  Since we recognize VoIP isn't for everyone, we also engineer, design, and install technology suited for traditional voice communications applications, including products and solutions manufactured by leading World Class companies, including Mitel Networks and Iwatsu Voice Networks.


Why do Customers Select Verge Network Solutions as their Partner?
  •  Our Experience!

  •  Our Commitment!

  •  Our Passion for Excellence!

  •  Our Broad Based Solutions!

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Ask our References?

Ask First National Bank?

"The system has made our bank much more efficient....."

Gregg Vandaveer, President


Our Products and Services Include:

  •  Telecommunications Audit and Consulting Services

  •  Design and Sales of PBX and Key Telephone Systems

  •  Installation and (7X24) Maintenance Support

  •  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems

  •  Voice Mail and Unified Communications Systems

  •  Digital Video Recording Solutions

  •  Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions


Online Service/Support

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